Law of Attraction, Step 1, Part 4

Law of Attraction, Step 1, Part 4

Continuing Series on Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

In the last post, I talked about how to get your mind focused in the direction you want. Today, I’m going to talk about emotions.

The Good, the Bad, and the Truth

So you’ve followed the instructions in my last post, got your mind all tuned in with a Spock-like clarity, right? Everything in your life has just become absolutely perfect, right? If so, awesome! I knew you could do it, with just a little encouragement! Feel free to leave comments below, and tell us all about it.

Chances are, probably not. You can leave comments about that too, but I suggest you finish the article first. Here’s the deal: the way your brain’s pathways flow, you feel first, think second. You may only have a very small fraction of a second of feeling, and that little bit tells your brain how to think. Part of the research that brought this pattern to light involved the military trying to make a soldier without feelings, just logic. What they found was that emotionless people can’t even tie their shoes, let alone make decisions about where to go next. So you must be aware of your feelings in order to get into the flow.

Asking involves feeling

If you feel loved, you will be. If you feel abundant, you will be. If you feel poor and desperate, you will draw more unexpected expenses, pay cuts, car repairs, an endless circle; each “negative” experience further drawing your emotional vibration down.
Most of us operate on the idea that we will feel amazing when we finally attain “it” – what we really want. Until we get “it” we focus on how we will feel when… but the law of attraction doesn’t work that way. The feeling you have in that state is the feeling of the lack of it. You have to feel it as real and potently present first, and then it will be drawn to you. When you deliberately shift your feelings, then we easily attract what we want. The more cared for you feel, the more cared for you will become. The more prosperous you feel, the more prosperous you will become.

Fake it till you Make it – Really!

Do you believe that the sun will come up tomorrow? That’s the level of acceptance and belief you’re working toward. You’re just prosperous, of course you’re deeply loved – that’s just the way it is! If you don’t feel that way, spend a little time each day to feel your way into that belief. Here’s some ways to anchor your beliefs:

  • Put a ringtone on your phone that reminds you of your ideal life or to allow the Universe to work for you.
  • Find a picture or make a collage of pictures that make you think about what you are working on manifesting. If you are planning a romantic getaway to Bali, design a collage of beach pictures along with a picture of yourself and your significant other happily smiling.
  • Burn candles or incense that remind you of the smells you will encounter when you are living your ideal life. If you are manifesting living in a secluded cabin in the woods, get some pine scented candles to enjoy. Or get some perfume that reminds you of feeling great!
  • Put a picture of what you want in your wallet so that every time you go to pay for something, you see it there.
  • Put an inspiring photo on your cell phone so that whenever you use your phone, you see that image and smile. Put the same or similar picture as a screensaver on your computer.
  • Set reminders on your phone with your affirmations.
  • Remind yourself you are a VIP whom the Universe is taking care of by using all the stuff you would normally save for “best” every day. Put out your most luxurious guest towels, use your best china, use your special pens and stationery, and wear your sexiest underwear under your business suit. Whatever makes you feel good and special on ordinary, average days.

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