Q: What happens in a reading?

A: Every reader has a different routine. I will ask you if you have a particular question, or if you just want to know what the Universe wants you to know.  I generally don’t need to know the details of the question, but a category is helpful (Relationship, Career, Spiritual Guidance, etc.)  I use my Ultimate Oracle cards to give me the “big picture,” and the Voyager Tarot deck to get to the detail. I typically shuffle the cards myself, then I lay out the cards face down, and have you draw the cards according to the layout for the reading. I do not require clients to use any particular hand to draw with, and I turn all cards right-side up towards the client.

Q: How long does a reading last?

A: Readings can last as long as you want: the typical times are 15 minutes, half an hour or an hour. The more time available, the more cards I can use as a focus, and get more detail.

Q: What layout do you use?

A: The layout depends on the question and the time available. I have certain layouts that work well only if I have enough time to go over the cards properly. I have a repertoire of layouts for different situations: romance, choices, “whole life”, money, etc.

Q: How accurate are you?

A: I’m usually accurate. However, I believe in free will: if I describe a situation, and you don’t like it, then you are free to do something entirely different. In fact, I urge my clients to check my answers against their own intuition and knowledge of their particular situation, and make sure it works for them.

Q: How often can I come see you?

A: I generally will not see anyone for the same question within six months. I have no interest in running your life or having you depend on me for all your life’s answers.  The only exception to this is my Call to Action Coaching, a four-week intensive program to help get you moving in your life.