Law of Attraction, Step 2

Law of Attraction, Step 2

Continuing Series on Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

In the last post, I talked about how to let your emotions support your thoughts so you can get what you want. Today’s post will be short – it’s about the second step in the activation process for the Law of Attraction.

The Universe Sends You What You Asked For

Ready or not, here it comes! The energy you invoked in feeling and believing you have it all has caused a matching vibration, and the Universe is getting your order ready. Sometimes the result comes quickly, sometimes it takes a little while, but it’s coming.

What to do in the Meantime

Take inspired action.
There’s a big difference between doing and taking inspired action. If you’ve ever had the experience of spinning your wheels with a project and suddenly just throwing up your hands and then everything falls into place, you know what I mean. You probably work much harder than you need to much of the time. When you take the action that is the logical next step, the ones that the Universe inspires us with, we take action that leads to where we want to go, rather than round and round the hamster wheel.
So, for example, you are looking for that elusive ideal job. You’ve gone on dozens of interviews, scoured the job boards daily and are starting to believe you’ll never find what you are looking for – it just doesn’t exist. One day you decide to change your tactic and to just be open to receiving it when it comes along. You decide you will continue to look at the job boards twice a week, so you don’t miss an opportunity. But, you give up fine tuning your resume and decide only to go on interviews that sound really promising – that meet your “must haves” list.
Two days later, an acquaintance mentions to you that such-and-such company is getting ready to announce their need for a new whatever-job-you-are-looking-for. No one even knows about it yet. Their friend told them last night at dinner. The Universe has dropped you a hint! You may rarely talk to this acquaintance, and she may not even be sure why she mentioned the job opening to you. But the Universe planned it perfectly.
It’s important to understand that the Law of Attraction isn’t about abdicating your power over to someone else. It also isn’t a magic wand that will get you out of doing any work or taking personal responsibility. The aim is to relinquish the control you have and the constant doing and striving, but to still take the action that is required of you. In the example above, you would still need to apply for the job, interview, etc. But the grasping, over-thinking and worry can stop, because they’re counter-productive.

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