Law of Attraction, Step 3 Part 3

Law of Attraction, Step 3 Part 3

Continuing Series on Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

In the last post, I blew up some myths that you may have encountered about the Law of Attraction and in particular, the Art of Allowing part. Here’s some suggestions about the Art of Allowing and how to make it happen.

Keep your vibration high

Just like the Beach Boys’ song, you need to keep your energetic vibration high by feeling good. Remember, the secret to all of this is that like attracts like, via energetic vibration. You want to get your vibration on the same level as the things or situations you are working on allowing the Universe to bring into your life. To do this, you simply need to find little ways in your day to remind you to be happy (see the 30 Day Happiness Challenge for ideas). It can be as easy as putting a picture of you and your favorite people in a lovely frame on your desk or creating a playlist of your all-time favorite songs to listen to while you work or clean the house. It could also be making time to enjoy creative pursuits that you never seem to get around to. Imagine how much lighter your day would feel if you enjoyed spending 15-30 minutes each day painting, writing or whatever creative thing you love to do, but don’t do enough of? As you focus on more positive energy, catch and release, as much as possible, any negative thoughts or feelings.

Be more aware

No one stays in this perpetual blissful place of allowing all the time. Even people who have been practicing the Law of Attraction for years still find themselves trying to manipulate energy or events to come out the way they want them to. Especially in the beginning of practicing allowing, you are going to find yourself reverting to your old default mode. But what’s important is “catching yourself” doing that and coming back to allowing. Easier said than done, I admit, but so is everything that is worth doing. Your body tells you when you are struggling if you will listen. Pay attention to how you feel the next time you find yourself striving. Maybe your shoulders pull up towards your ears, or your stomach tightens up, or your heart starts to race. Then be on the lookout for other times this happens. And when it does, notice what you are doing and make that mind shift back to allowing the Universe to handle all the little details of manifesting the life of your dreams.

Let go of the outcome

Sounds easy, but not so much. We are a culture focused on goals and results. We want to know the how, why, when and where of everything. So it can be tough to let go and allow. When you are grasping onto the end result, the Universe can’t bring you what you want. Letting go of the outcome comes down to faith. You have faith that the Universe is bringing all you desire to you, in spite of yourself. All you need to do is to lay down your shovel. Stop working so hard. Stop trying to make it happen. Trust that the Universe has your back on this. Like everyone, you will pick back up your shovel now and again, but you can simply realize what you’ve done and lay it back down, which signals that you are leaving all the details of the outcome to the Universe.

Stop trying to figure out the How

One of the biggest challenging when practicing the art of allowing is to stop trying to figure out how it’s going to happen. But it’s amazing if you can just sit back and let it all play out. The Universe has so many more tricks up Its sleeve than we can imagine in our somewhat limited minds. Our outdated beliefs and understanding of how the Universe works keep things from playing out in a big way, so just let it ride. Be open to accepting it, however it comes. Stand back and be amazed!

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