Law of Attraction, Step 1, Part 3

Law of Attraction, Step 1, Part 3

Continuing Series on Law of Attraction and how to make it work.

In the last post, I talked about belief, and how your mind’s unconscious patterns may set you up for getting what you DON’T want.

Today, I’m going to give you some tips and techniques to keep your mind going in the direction you want. It’ll take a little time, so be ready to give it some effort, but the results will be amazing, I promise! You don’t have to do all of them (although I encourage you to), and they’re in no particular order.

(As you read the text below, please, please, PLEASE pay attention to what your mind tries to tell you in order to shut off. Keep it open, even if you have to read the suggestions below several times to make sense of it.)


Meditation is an awesome way to raise your vibration and practice allowing or letting go. If you’ve tried to meditate before and not been successful, I’m here to tell you that meditation, like everything else, has no single right way to do it. I struggled for years until I discovered that moving meditations like yoga or tai chi or qi gong worked for me. Maybe chanting works for you. Maybe you need a visual focus, or a tactile one. I frequently recommend a book, How to Meditate by Lawrence LeShan. It gives lots and lots of different techniques for you to experience. The basic idea is that during meditation, you simply allow yourself to be with whatever you are feeling or thinking, without judging it or questioning it. It just is. Meditation also brings about a natural, spontaneous joy that is difficult to explain. It’s the pure joy and curiosity you see in children. There’s no fear surrounding not knowing what will happen next, just a sense of awe that something amazing will happen. A daily meditation practice offers us exactly that.


As an adult, wouldn’t you like to have permission to daydream? Well, now you you have it! Spending even a few minutes a day in active visualization changes our brain’s focus to start noticing solutions instead of problems. Our minds begin to think of ways to attain what we want or actions we can take that will move us closer to our dream. Start by imagining all the positive ways you would feel or things you would do when the Universe delivers. You may see pictures, or hear sounds, or feel sensations on or in your body – all of those count as Visualization. Visualization turbo-charges the Law of Attraction so that you can enjoy allowing the Universe to step in make it happen. Famous and successful people in all walks of life use visualization to create their dream life.


Affirmations are simple statements that underline your belief that what you want is already experienced. All self-talk and internal dialogue are forms of affirmations, though with most people, they tend toward the negative. By consciously creating and using positive affirmations, we signal to the Universe that we know that our ideal matches reality, we’re just waiting for reality to catch up!
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