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Law of Attraction, Step 1, Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. love your talk today at East West. I’m having a little trouble grasping the last part on “we already have what we want; we already are what we want to be. We are just waiting for it to manifest in our reality”. Could you please elaborate? Thank you!

    • Hi Christine –
      Thank you! And great question – it’s a difficult concept to grasp.
      I sometimes talk about God in the Helicopter over the Donut. It’s about perspective: because all time is NOW, you are (and I am) in all places and having all the experiences NOW. Because of your unique perspective, you can only perceive/experience what is directly in front of you. However, your thought and emotion have already created the experience/perception that is just about to happen – and that changes in a microsecond with every wish. The God perspective is hovering over the Donut of your life, perceiving everything simultaneously. You can’t see around the curve, which is great because that means you can always change it.
      I hope this made more sense…

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