2016 Happiness Habit Challenge Blog Roll

Here’s the index of posts for the Happiness Habit Challenge. It will be updated daily as new posts are added.


Day 1: Welcome and Why Happiness is a Choice You Make Every Day

Day 2: Make A Commitment To Cultivating Happiness

Day 3: What Makes You Happy?

Day 4: Starting Your Day with Gratefulness

Day 5: How Good Nutrition Can Help Your Mood

Day 6: (un)Wanted: Stress – For the Killing of Happiness!

Day 7: The Connection Between Doing Stuff And Happiness

Day 8: We Crave Human Connections

Day 9: Build A Support System of Happy People Around You

Day 10: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – Savor It

Day 11: Make It A Point To Make Someone’s Day

Day 12: Fighting Against Our Brain’s Bias To Negativity

Day 13: Finding Happiness in a Sea Of Sadness or Overwhelm

Day 14: Learn To Deal With Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Day 15: When All Else Fails, Fake It

Day 16: Happiness and Exercise

Day 17: Sleep: The Key To Happiness

Day 18: Boost Your Confidence And Become Happier

Day 19: Think & Communicate In Positive Ways

Day 20: Stop Complaining. Take Action.

Day 21: Live In the Moment

Day 22: Meditating Your Way To A Happier You

Day 23: Happiness In Simplicity

Day 24: Trade Things For Experiences

Day 25: Keep A Journal To Practice Gratitude

Day 26: Treat Yourself And Spend Some “Me” Time

Day 27: Happiness Is Contagious

Day 28: Giving Back Makes Us Happier

Day 29: Are You Noticing A Difference?

Day 30: Happiness in the Future

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