Forget Your Bliss: Follow Your Fear! (Free Teleseminar)

Are you willing to take a risk?

The life you desire is right in front of you.

The amazing relationships, the rich experiences, the career, the house, the dream vacation…they’re all just around the corner.

Every day you make choices, and those choices shape your life. If you’re like most people, you probably choose the “safe” route more often than not. And that’s fine…safety is a valid choice, and something to be sought, for sure.

The only trouble is…the life that you want (which is probably A WHOLE LOT closer than you may think) demands that from time to time you have to take a RISK.
Some big…some small…but all kinda SCARY.

Scary…because every risk carries the possibility of LOSS & FAILURE…right?

BUUUUT…every risk also carries the probability of GREAT SUCCESS & RICH REWARD.

So what if you could tip the scales in the favor of success and reward, away from loss and failure?

What if you could INSTANTLY summon the courage needed to take those pivotal next steps?

What if you could live the kind of EXCITING, FEARLESS LIFE you’ve only dreamed of?



I know…that’s what you expected me to say.
I promise you, though…what I’m telling you is grounded in proven results & solid TRUTH.

You see, because risk is a normal part of life that we’ve had to deal with since the beginning of time, other successful risk takers have developed powerful, proven, life-changing strategies for eliminating our fear of taking chances. And I can teach them to you.

If you’re not interested in living a richer, fuller life, I understand. The status quo can sometimes feel better than the fear of risk.

However, if you’re ready for more life in your life, I’d like to offer you a spot in my BRAND NEW teleseminar:

Forget Your Bliss: Follow Your Fear!
When: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 (yes, really! No foolin’!)
Time: 9:00AM Pacific Daylight Time
Cost: FREE!

For more information, and to register for one of the limited spots available, follow this link and start stepping in exciting, new, uplifting directions.

To Your Success!

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