Review of 2013

By Sue Wilhite

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Last year, around this time, I conducted a “group” reading for the New Year (at that point, 2013). We did two spreads: one month-by month, and one Whole Life Mandala (from James Wanless). I solemnly swear that the cards were picked randomly by the people in the class – they all have their notes to back it up!  We picked from the Voyager Tarot deck by James Wanless; the names for his cards in some cases are a little different than the common Smith-Waite deck.Here’s what 2013 was supposed to be like:

Tarot for the New Year – 2013

Spread 1 – Month-by-Month Spread (Note: Only Major Arcana cards were picked for this spread.)

January:  Devil’s Play
The Devil card represents those physical and emotional addictions that we cling to, thinking that they’ll bring us happiness.  Instead, the attachments form chains that bind us, giving “the Devil” opportunities to make his bargains.  So for January, it’s a perfect card to represent all those New Year’s Resolutions that we make – and then never keep because of the emotional connections to the old habits.  This year, start with something that you want to change and take small steps every day.  Don’t let “the Devil” take you out of the game!

February:  Star
The Star card represents self-esteem, recognizing your “star potential” in the world.  With Valentine’s Day happening in February, make yourself your own Valentine and show some unconditional Love for yourself.  If you seek a relationship, you must have a great relationship with yourself in order to succeed with another.  The end of Winter comes in sight, so now is the time for your own in-sight!

March:  Emperor
The Emperor card represents action and getting things done, especially in the Spring.  Amazingly, the Spring Equinox occurs in March, so it’s the perfect combination.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, and don’t feel as though you can finish a task yourself, feel free to ask for help – one of the aspects of the Emperor is delegation!

April:   Strength
The Strength card represents the internal structure of the self, the core of Being.  For April, pay attention to who you are, where all your various parts come from, and continue your Spring Cleaning.

May:   Moon
The Moon card denotes the Unconscious as well as cycles.  May might be a month when you pay attention to your natural rhythms.

June:   Sun
The Sun card represents being present, visible, and having panache.  This is the month to be noticed – stand up for yourself, make yourself visible, do something spectacular – and then take the bow during the richly deserved applause!

July:   Priestess
The High Priestess card represents intuition, knowledge and self-examination.  Perhaps instead of taking a wild vacation to someplace that demands you focus only on the outside faces of your environment, take a retreat where you can focus completely on your self.  Check out any “course corrections” that may have come up during the year (you know, where you attempted something and the Universe said “nope, not that way!”)

August:  Balance/Justice
The Balance (or Justice) card represents weighing options and picking the best choices.  For this month, use the information about yourself that you acquired during July’s introspection with the Priestess and work them into your life in careful, balanced way.

September:  Lovers
The Lovers card (the worst named card in the deck!) has nothing to do with love or romance.  The card involves choice and discernment; you can’t make a choice if you don’t have the ability to discern the choice.  For instance, would you pick chocolate or chocolate?  That’s not really a choice, is it?  But what if I said milk chocolate or dark chocolate? Now that’s a choice!  So, pay conscious attention to your choices this month.  You actually choose somethingevery moment, so make sure they’re real choices.

October:  Magician
The Magician card represents creativity and mastery of the elements.  “Magic” comes from an old word meaning to create by word or by hand.  So, use the information you’ve gotten from July, August, and September to create and manifest those things in your life that really work for you.  This is the month to take action and make it all happen!

November:  Empress
The Empress card denotes abundance and growth.  All those seeds you planted in October by getting things done allow you to be the gracious host/ess and be giving to others during Thanksgiving.  The Empress also involves boundaries, so pay attention to those issues that come up whenever old friends and family get together – buttons get pushed!

December:  Universe/World
The Universe card involves having it all: all the resources, all the potential becomes real, what is manifested comes about.  What a great card for the holiday season and the end of the year!  December will be about getting what you asked for…so be sure to know what you really, really want in the months prior!

Spread 2 – Whole Life Mandala Spread 

We picked from the Voyager Tarot deck by James Wanless; the names for his cards in some cases are a little different than the common Smith-Waite deck. The entire deck was available  this time.

Self:  Moon
The Moon card denotes the Unconscious as well as cycles.  Pay attention to your own personal cycles this year; make sure you schedule time for YOU when you need it, so your subconscious doesn’t have to bother you about it.

Head:  9 of Crystals (9 of Swords) – Narrowness
Although in other decks, the 9 of Swords looks like the aftermath of a nightmare, it usually reminds me of waking up in the middle of the night remembering something I’ve forgotten to say or do.  So, keep your focus and you’ll sleep more soundly!

Heart:  6 of Cups – Sorrow
Since 2013 represents the year after the great Transformation of 2012, you want to make sure you pay proper attention to those actions, ways of being, people and others that you have released or been detached from.  Allow yourself the time and space to grieve for what was lost in the past, so you can more easily pay attention to your path going forward.

Health:   7 of Worlds (7 of Coins/Pentacles/Discs) – Breakthrough
Another card representing the the Transformation of 2012, this time of the body.  I’ve heard so many people falling sick these past few months, some of them over and over again.  It’s time to let go of what doesn’t serve your body!  If there’s something you know you should be doing, start taking those small steps toward making your body the temple it can truly be, so you can be the radiant God/Goddess you are!

Holy:   3 of Wands – Compassion
Close to 7 billion human beings live on our wonderful planet.  Each of them has a unique outlook and spiritual path, including you.  Celebrate your uniqueness and honor everyone else’s: you’d be surprised by the things you may have in common.  If someone disagrees with you, that’s okay – it’s their path, it doesn’t make them wrong, just different.  Let’s heal the divisiveness that seems to be gaining momentum.

Feminine:   Child of Wands (Page of Wands) – Seeker
Engage your natural curiosity about your path this year.  Avoid jumping to conclusions or sticking in a rut, and let your mind be softer and more intuitive.

Masculine:   Man of Cups (King or Knight of Cups) – Surfer
The theme of “allowing” continues, “allowing” yourself to ride on the surface of emotions, not stuffing them, but noticing them as they go through you.  A friend who used to work with inner city boys said that these kids only had two allowable emotions: angry and not.  Try exploring some others, and remember that even if you fall off the surfboard, it’s attached – just climb back on board and carry on.

Money:  Man of Wands (King or Knight of Wands) – Actor
Fake it till you make it!  The only way to heal your relationship with Money is to allow yourself the energy it represents.  The way to do that is to pretend to feel it until you really do feel it.

Work:  Child of Crystals (Page of Swords) – Learner
Let yourself learn new things at whatever you ‘work’ on.  Pretend you’re coming to the job on the first day – what would you learn and how would you find out?  Maybe you need to update or even create “desk instructions” for your successor!

Home:  8 of Worlds (8 of Coins/Pentacles/Discs) – Change
See what you can change around your house.  Maybe it needs to be as big as moving; maybe as simple as organizing one aspect of your house.  Try creating a corner of sacred space; if you already have one, see if there’s something new you can do with it to make it fresh and renew your sense of Spirit.

Love:  Fool
What better way to be in Love!  Be risk taking, adventurous, do something fun & outrageous.  Maybe you need to seek out new horizons by yourself or with someone else.

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