Tarot vs Lenormand?

By Sue Wilhite

Just saw a nice article from Barbara Moore (“Tarot for Beginners,” among many others) about the upswell in Lenormand practice among Tarot readers. I’m part of that wave, and I’ve acquired four Lenormand decks in the last month. I’m certainly taken with the literal nature of the cards, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better.

Lenormand and Tarot

I don’t believe there is any competition between the two, any more than I think there’s competition between Tarot and Numerology, or even Tarot and Angel Cards. Different people get drawn to different ways of perceiving the Universe, and each divination type creates a window into a different facet.

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  1. I use tarot cards and numerology together. There is no need to compete since for me it`s the most powerfull combination to read somebody lifes.

    • Yes, numerology is awesome. My best buddy and writing partner is a master numerologist, and he’s taught me a lot. And really, there’s no competition between any modality: it’s about what works best for the client.

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