Upcoming Events-April 2013

Just a reminder for folks to check out the calendar page: I’m going to be at the Angel Fair at Millefleurs in Pleasanton on Saturday April 13, and Michael Bisbiglia and I will be speaking at New Living Expo in San Francisco on Friday April 26 at 9pm on our Ultimate Oracle Deck.

In late May and late June, I’ll be travelling: I’m going to Book Expo America (BEA) in New York and the International New Age Trade Show (INATS) in Denver.  I went to both of these last year, and they exhilarated me with the sheer, amazing volume of creative people out there.

If you’re a creative person, and you want to write a book, or you have been working on a book for ages and think you might be stuck, come to my talk in May (see details here).  I love helping people get their work out in the world and get published, and I’d love it if I can help YOU!

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