Law of Attraction vs the US Election

Law of Attraction vs the US Election

I’m sure some of my readers feel disempowered, unhappy, angry, upset, and basically not good about the recent election results. I’m sure because that’s what I’m feeling too. I’m acknowledging the tightness in my chest and my stomach, the physical results of my emotions. I recognize that you’re might be feeling all that, and maybe more.

I’m also gently and consistently reaching for something better. I took my dog for our usual walk around the lake today, and looked out over the water, deliberately remembering the sense of peace, calm, and happiness that the walk generated yesterday. With every breath I take, I’m working to relax my chest a little more. I’m looking for the upside, the best possible results from current outcomes, so I can move toward them.

I’m doing this now, because I don’t want to spend the next few days, weeks, or months in an ocean of “OMG, this is awful!” I remember doing that more than a decade ago, and it’s like taking a long bath in acid.

I want to work toward feeling better quickly. I want to be a beacon and a guide for people who don’t feel good about themselves or their businesses so they can align themselves with their true nature of joy and fulfillment. I believe in empowerment, not just for a few, but for every human being on the planet. I believe that if everyone feels happiness and satisfaction with their lives, they would not feel the need to belittle or oppress others.

When I remember what I believe in, I feel better. What about you?


  1. Having a hard time swinging my emotions around. For me, I think I need to step back, stop focusing on it and the news, and lose myself in a good novel.

    • Sue Wilhite

      Yes, it’s very hard. I’ve lost myself in work today, but even so I’ve gone through several mood crashes. I just keep reaching up.

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