Happiness Habits – Day 3: What Makes You Happy?

In yesterday’s post, we started talking about happiness, and you began your commitment to happiness. Your task was to notice and think about what makes you happy. There could be a lot of things that make you happy on a regular basis. Think about the simple little things that put a smile on your face. It could be a person, a thing, an experience, an action, a song… the list goes on and on.

An easy way to increase our overall happiness and contentment is to simply do at least one thing that triggers happiness every single day.

During this challenge that’s something you get to work on. To make it easier for the remainder of this challenge, come up with a list of what makes you happy. This will obviously be different for everyone. Let me give you a few ideas and some things to think about. Then I want you to start a physical (paper) or electronic journal. I want you to start a list of things that give you happiness to refer to for the remainder of the challenge.

Don’t overthink this. Don’t try to come up with an organized and categorized list. There are no right or wrong answers. Instead, simply start brainstorming and jot things down. Don’t feel pressured to come up with everything all at once. Feel free to add to the list as time goes by and get in the habit of noticing things that make you happy and then adding them to the list throughout this challenge and beyond.

Big and little happiness triggers can be found everywhere

Let’s start with the big ones that make you happy. What people in your life make you happy? What things that you own bring you joy? What activities and hobbies that you have bring you lots of happiness? Think big here and pick what has the biggest impact on your mood. This could also include things like what gestures or actions put a big smile on your face. Places can be another happiness trigger. Maybe you’re happiest at the beach, or in the forest, or in the buzz of a downtown.

Then think about the little things that make you happy. Maybe it’s sipping that first cup of coffee in the morning, a sunrise, a pretty flower in a garden, or having five minutes to yourself. From there just become more aware of what makes you happy, or what brings a smile to your face.

Stop and take notice anytime that happens, and keep adding to your list of things that make you happy. It will be a great resource to have throughout this challenge. As an added bonus it will make you grateful and content, just looking at this long list of people, places and activities that bring you happiness.

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