Sweet Sound of Sleep

  • Do you wake up groggy and feeling thick-headed most mornings?

  • Do you sleep enough hours, but don’t feel like you actually rest?

  • Do you find yourself nodding off at your desk or in meetings?

I help busy people wake up refreshed and energized,
so they can get focused and get more done.

Many people I’ve talked to say they don’t want to sleep more because they’re too busy, but they definitely want to wake up in the morning, alert and ready to go. But that’s not their experience… There’s a reason coffee shops do a roaring business!

My name is Sue Wilhite, and I love helping smart people get their genius out into the world…and you can’t act like a genius when you feel like a mindless zombie.

Whether you can’t get to sleep, or you wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, or you can’t drag yourself out of bed in the morning for all the alarm clocks in the world, I know how you feel! At different times in my life, I’ve suffered from all of these.

I realize how critical sleep is, and about how important it is to be awake and alert so you can focus on what’s important to you:   your business, or your relationships, or your education; maybe it’s all of the above! But I want to bust a myth here.

It’s about quality, not quantity

You may be surprised to learn that quantity of sleep is not as important as quality of sleep. Lack of quality sleep…

  • disrupts your thoughts, causing you to forget things like where you put your keys, or why you came into a room – no, that’s not a sign of age!
  • disrupts your ability to focus, so completing tasks (especially repetitive ones) becomes harder; you find your mind drifting off in the middle of that important report you’re reading.
  • disrupts your creativity: all of your genius stays bottled up inside.

I’ve been interested in sleep for a long time, since I became a Certified Medical Hypnotherapist in 1996. But even hypnotherapy didn’t always work to relax my clients. I finally found something that works consistently, because it doesn’t depends on the mind or your belief system. And, there’s no pills, no herbs, nothing that even looks like a drug.

Reset your nervous system

Based on cutting edge modern research on sound and the nervous system, I’ve recorded specific tones that reset your nervous system and “dump the junk” you’ve accumulated during the day.

That “junk” consists of any kind of stress you handled, whether it was negative or positive stress: spilling your coffee, driving in traffic, learning something new, closing a big sale, or having a stressful conversation.

The body releases all that stress by moving around quite a bit during the first half to three quarters of sleep. You toss and turn and flail around as though you were dancing at a rave. Unfortunately, all that movement keeps you at the lighter levels of sleep, and you spend a shorter time in the deepest, most healing level.

If the stress gets released before you go to sleep, the movement is reduced, and then restful sleep is increased. When your sleep quality is better, you:

  • Wake up clear headed – often with the first beep of the alarm
  • Focus better – you’re more alert and get more done without “do-overs”
  • Digest better –  Restful sleep helps your gut process properly and give you more energy
  • Lose stubborn weight – that last few pounds (or kilos) you might have been struggling with for awhile
  • Improve your sex life – when you’re not tired all the time, having fun doesn’t seem like a chore to be avoided!

To get a better night’s sleep, you can download the 5-minute MP3 file once, and listen on whatever device is most convenient for you, before going to bed. You can listen on your smartphone, or tablet, or your computer. You don’t need to bring your phone to bed with you – no annoying earbuds or headphones on your pillow! Just a couple of minutes of pure tones, then you’re good to go into dreamland. Every time you “tune in,” you will feel better and better.

Get your restful night’s sleep: $20 one-time fee

Think about what it costs for a prescription of the generic version of one of the popular sleeping aids: at the going price, my solution costs as much as three days worth. And with any drug, you must consider the possible negative side effects, especially with long term use.

Or, compare to an herbal remedy: you can get an initial deal of two bottles (two month’s supply) for about $20, and then $20 per month thereafter. You’d be paying over $250 a year – including shipping!

Just click the Buy Now button below to get the link to download the MP3 file, and within 5 minutes, you’ll have lifetime access to feeling alert, awake, rested, and energized!

Disclaimer: Neither this website nor the product shown is in any way intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition, nor give medical advice. Use at your own risk: people with osteoporosis or any neurological disorder should not use this product.


Sue just so happen to be in my work place offering a free in person session with her tuning forks and it was an automatic Zen alignment that I felt instantly. I felt at peace and just there are no words just Automatic Zen Moment.

Jeniffer    Mt.View   

I was amazed by the benefits of using The Sweet Sound of Sleep! I noticed a shift in my breathing patterns the first night and woke up refreshed. When I travel I normally return home exhausted after a couple of days. On a recent extended trip I arrived home refreshed and ready to go. Thanks Sue! Your product is a game changer for me.

HL    Toledo, OH   

When I used the Sweet Sound Of Sleep recording I was able to have the best the night sleep since I had the worst head cold for 2 days. I slept like a baby and it was even harder with my 4 year old son to try and get to sleep those 2 nights.

JT    Sunnyvale   

I purchased the 5-minute audio to help me sleep. I've been having trouble sleeping through the night for a while now. This audio worked so well the first night I couldn't believe it. I used it for the entire week with the same restful result -- falling off to sleep and awaking in the morning feeling great. I continue to get a restful night's sleep with this audio. Thank you, Sue, for creating something so simple and so effective. I'm telling all my friends about this.

Dena    San Jose, CA   


Q: Can I listen to it while going to sleep?
A: Yes, but the tone will stop after 5 minutes. That’s really all you need for maximum benefits, and it’s completely safe at normal listening levels.

Q: What am I listening to?
A: You’re listening to two finely crafted tuning forks, from Biosonics. They specifically entrain and align the nervous system to its normal functioning.

Q: Can I listen to the tones other than at bedtime?
A: Yes! In fact, you can listen to the recording whenever you want to feel alert and rested, or to quickly regain calm after a stressful event. The advantage of the MP3 file over the tuning forks is that you can listen to them anytime, anywhere, and no one will think anything of it. Depending on where you are, bringing out a pair of tuning forks in public might get you a few stares at the very least! You can listen in the office, while you travel*, in a restaurant or anywhere you would normally listen to music or an audiobook. Remember, though, that the recording is only 5 minutes long.

Q: You say your product is for “busy women” – what about busy men??
A: Yes, busy men can use this too! I focus on busy women because I know them very well!


*If you have a lot of fear and anxiety around flying or other travel, please contact me for a private session, where I can help make travel a pleasure again!

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