Thank you so much for choosing to take care of your mind and your spirit! I hope you enjoy listening, and play it often!

An email is winging its way to you through the ether with your link and download instructions.

And, you can get started right here, right now!

Apple iPhone/iPad/iOS users – important instructions – PLEASE READ!

Apple does not allow audio files to be directly downloaded to iPhones/iPads/iPods. You MUST download the file on a desktop computer, navigate to the file via Finder (on a Mac) or File Explorer (on a PC), then double-click the downloaded file, which needs to open in iTunes. Once loaded in iTunes, you can sync your other device and have it play.
Alternatively, you can move the file into Dropbox (if you have an account), and play it from there on any device.
I’m sorry it’s so complicated, this is a “feature” of Apple’s software…I wish it were different!

Android device downloads:

It will take a few moments to download, then ask you if you want to open it. Many times, even though you may have an app to play music, this usually doesn’t work. Go into the app, and navigate to the downloads folder, find the file (should be called MillionsSong.MP3), and open it from there.

Detailed Download Instructions for Desktop/Laptop:

On a desktop-type computer (PC or Mac), when you click on the link, it should bring up a screen asking where you want to download the file. Choose the folder you wish, and click OK/download. Once it’s downloaded, you can navigate to the folder it now lives in. Double-click the file (should be called MillionsSong.MP3). Some kind of media player will usually play it, either iTunes or Windows Media player.

Sometimes, the computer just decides for itself where it puts downloaded files. Use the search function to see if you can find it, before trying to download again.

If it’s not prompting you for a destination, and you can’t find it, let me know. There may be some setting on your computer that’s preventing it. Also let me know what kind of computer (Mac or PC) and what operating system, so I can try to troubleshoot it.


OK, ta-dah! Here’s your download link!