“Clear Your Career” 90-day Coaching Program

Clear Your Career in 2017

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Thank you for launching your career in 2017!

It’s all about getting to the heart of what YOU want, and how you can get it.

It’s about transforming your blocks into rocket fuel.

It’s about pointing out your personal ignition button, and having you leap upon it and push it with joy & enthusiasm so you can have the life you want, the way you want it.

Clear Your Career 90-Day program can help propel you into the life you really want in six (6) 45-minute, action-oriented sessions that will break you out of your old patterns.

The first 45 minute telephone session will be a coaching session: we’ll establish what your ideal career or business looks like, and identify some of the blocks holding you back.

The second 45 minute telephone session will be a healing session: we’ll review of your previous week’s actions and experiences, and then clear blocks so you can be more effective.

After that, each month will have 2  sessions that will alternate as above, and include:

* Review of your previous week’s actions & experiences
* Celebrating your successes
* Analyzing your challenges
* Clearing the blocks that came up
* Homework for the next week

The price?
The entire coaching program costs just $497 for the 6-weeks that will change your life! (A $900 value)

Click one of the buttons below to get started immediately:

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one time payment of $497 $297/month for 2 months $167/month for 3 months
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