“Call to Action” Mastermind Group

Call to Action Mastermind: unlit lightbulb to lit bulb

Do you want insights to improve your career or business? How would you like a personal “board of directors” to give you advice, guidance, and support? What would life be like if you had people that you knew were on your side, willing to call you on your stuff and cheer your successes equally?

Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, introduced the concept of a “Mastermind” that is created by a group of people “who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.

Among other benefits, Mastermind groups provide brainstorming, accountability, and support in a group setting, so you can improve your business and personal skills. Because each Mastermind member both gives and receives the collective wisdom of the group, each member gets the “lift” that’s created when the group works together.

What happens in a Mastermind?

Each member gets to share briefly something about themselves – a new tagline or a win, for example – for 2 minutes. Then, one member (assigned according to an agreed-on schedule) gets to be on the “Hotseat” and give a short presentation on a challenge. The group brainstorms about the challenge, while the presenter for the day takes notes and sets “stretch goals” based on the feedback. The group perspective allows for a broader view, which provides the essence and the value of the Mastermind. The give and take of ideas is exhilarating – you can literally feel your brain expanding!

Because the Mastermind requires consistency and continuity, as well as honesty and respect, attendance at each meeting is mandatory, as is confidentiality .

Mastermind is NOT for you if…
You believe helping others is a weakness and slows you down.
You’re all about you, and what you want, and can get.
You’re into blame, justification, and self-denial.
You believe asking for help is also a weakness and is asking to be taken advantage of.
You believe that you can figure out everything, ‘cause it’s all out there on the Net or in books.

You should join if…
You have a burning desire to make your mark on the world.
You’re willing to take directed action toward your goals.
You have a product or service that needs a little nurturing to bring to fruition.
You need a little help to get started, or to finish what you’ve started.
You believe in the unity of all, such that the benefit of one will benefit many.


Weekly on Thursdays, 9am PST, beginning December 29 2016. Each meeting is 30-60 minutes depending on membership:

The program costs $127 per month, or pay three months in advance for $350.

In addition, there is a private, members-only forum where you can share your wins and ask for help in between the regular meetings.

If you’re going to commit to something, commit to yourself!

The application form takes about 15 minutes to fill out. Take your time filling it out; it asks some important questions about you, where you are now, and what you plan for the future.

Filling out and submitting the form does not guarantee acceptance into the program.
Payment will be due only if accepted into the Mastermind.

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